BMC adopts Miyawaki to plant more trees

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Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has participated in a tree planting campaign of the state government. But due to the lack of space in the city, the civic body has decided to adopt the Miyawaki plantation method.

BMC has participated in the 33-crore trees planting scheme of the state. However, due to the lack of space, it had limited the planting drive and only 5,977 saplings were planted. Hence, the corporation’s tree authority has now decided to implement the new method of plantation, Miyawaki, for a maximum reach.

Miyawaki is a new and unique Japanese method, which requires expert and skilled workers. It is the first time such a tree has been planted. It will implement this with an e-tendering process. Expected expenditure is to be around Rs 14 crore for the city and for Western suburbs and around Rs 20 crore for the Eastern suburbs.

A proposal for the first phase of work has been sent to the standing committee for approval, which will have to be done within 30 days after the first meeting of the standing committee. Otherwise, it will be deemed to have been approved by the standing committee under the amended Municipal Act.

The Miyawaki method

The Miyawaki method – developed by Japanese botanist and plant ecology expert, Dr Akira Miyawaki – allows forests to have improved carbon-dioxide absorption, better noise and dust reduction, and greener surface area as compared to monoculture (traditional) plantations. For traditional plantation techniques, one sapling is planted at an average distance of 150 sqft from each other. The Miyawaki technique can support 45 saplings within 150 sqft area.

The first Miyawaki forest was developed in Colaba Woods Park in Cuffe Parade by planting 5,000 saplings.

In all, 33 species of native plants, including neem, baheda, karanj, banyan, kadam and sapindus, and fruit trees such as mango, jackfruit, tamarind, custard apple and cherry were planted at this soon-to-be dense urban forest patch.

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