Can Seize Power In Madhya Pradesh With A Sneeze

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Kailash Vijayvargiya said votes were scattered in Madhya Pradesh because of “delusion” by Congress


BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has claimed the new Congress government in Madhya Pradesh is running at the “mercy” of his party and a mere “sneeze” of the BJP’s central leadership can bring it back to power in the state.

His statement came two days after Congress veteran Digvijay Singh claimed the BJP had offered “Rs 100 crore” to a Congress MLA to topple the Kamal Nath-led government. The BJP had asked him to prove his allegation.

Mr Vijayvargiya said his party can come back to power in Madhya Pradesh, which it ruled for 15 years before being ousted in the November polls, if its top leadership wishes so.

Addressing a programme Wednesday evening, Mr Vijayvargiya said, “What kind of government (headed by Kamal Nath) is this? This government is being run because of our mercy, the day boss will indicate then…”

He said because of “delusion” created by the Congress, votes in the recent assembly elections got scattered “but, we need not get disappointed”.

Mr Vijayvargiya said, “The state has gone away from our hands, no issue, the state can come back to us any time. The day, a sneeze comes to Delhi people (a reference to central leadership), our government will be formed in the state.”

He said, “We have forgotten to abuse in the last 15 years. Since we were in government, during this period, we used to get our work done by officers only on a phone call. We will not worship officers who don’t do our work.”

The Congress reacted strongly to Mr Vijayvargiya’s statements and said the BJP is insulting the mandate given by voters.

State Congress spokesman Neelabh Shukla said, “It is clear from Vijayvargiya’s statements that the BJP is trying to buy MLAs to topple the Kamal Nath government. The BJP is openly insulting the public mandate.”

Through his statements, Mr Vijayvargiya was threatening state government officials and creating unnecessary pressure on them to do illegal work of BJP leaders, he alleged.

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