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LON­DON: Tech­nol­ogy en­tre­pre­neurs, ex­perts in fi­nan­cial ser­vices and man­agers of lead­ing brands from around the world have come to­gether to launch a new global mar­ket­place to un­leash the power of cryp­tocur­ren­cies. The first of its kind mar­ket­place seek­ing to ri­val the likes of Ama­zon and Ebay will bring the cryp­tocur­rency ecosys­tem the badly needed liq­uid­ity by en­abling their seem­less use as in­stru­ments to buy and sell real goods.
The mar­ket to be known as Demby will run on the Ethereum pow­ered plat­form and rev­o­lu­tionise the re­tail in­dus­try, which has so far been slow to adopt the emerg­ing blockchain tech­nol­ogy. With Demby, hold­ers of cryp­tocur­ren­cies will be able to buy any­thing from daily use itmes to high value lux­ury brands, in­clud­ing gold and di­a­monds, us­ing cryp­tocur­ren­cies. The Demby mar­ket will use the pro­pri­etory Demby coins, which is be­ing of­fered through an ICO, to power the ex­change of goods and ser­vices. The $150 mil­lion Dem­by­coin ICO is set to open …..
Apart from be­ing able to ser­vice the US $700 bil­lion cryp­tocur­rency ecosytem, Demby is ex­pected to bring un­prece­dented lev­els of trans­parency and ef­fi­cien­cies in the on­line re­tail­ing in­dus­try through the Blockchain tech­nol­ogy and Ethereum-pow­ered Smart Con­tracts. It will ef­fec­tively ad­dress the prob­lem of coun­ter­feits as well as lo­gis­tics is­sues such as ship­ping, wrong de­liv­er­ies etc. The Smart Con­tract will au­to­mat­i­cally trig­ger a re­fund in case of any is­sues with prod­uct de­liv­ery.
A unique fea­ture of the Demby mar­ket is that the goods and ser­vices on of­fer can also be bought us­ing fiat cur­ren­cies. This is achieved through the mar­ket’s in­house ex­change, which will con­vert the value of the or­dered goods into Demby coins, with­out the need for a third party ex­change, which usu­ally makes con­ver­sion pro­hib­i­tively costly. This en­sures that mer­chants who are out­side the cryp­tocur­rency ecosys­tem can also be brought on board.
New and in­no­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies are chang­ing the way re­tail shop­ping is car­ried on. In re­cent years many com­pa­nies have closed their phys­i­cal doors and made the move on­line, due to the many ad­van­tages that it of­fers, while ma­jor on­line stores weigh the ad­van­tages of tap­ping the crypto ecosys­tem. But these plans have so far re­mained on the draw­ing board. The Demby mar­ket has, how­ever, brought the two streams to­gether in one stroke.
“The adop­tion of Blockchain tech­nol­ogy in re­tail in­dus­try is a rev­o­lu­tion­ary move con­sid­er­ing the man­i­fold ad­van­tages that it yields. The first and fore­most ad­van­tage be­ing the Blockchain tech­nol­o­gy’s po­ten­tial to re­duce op­er­at­ing costs. This is con­sid­ered a bless­ing, com­ing as it does at a time when the re­tail in­dus­try is strug­gling in a mar­gin-squeesed en­vi­ron­ment with lower re­turns,” said Mr Y.O.Kim, CEO Demby, the new Ethereum-pow­ered Blockchain tech­nol­ogy based cryp­tocur­rency on-line mar­ket place.
Mr Kim said Blockchain tech­nol­ogy is ex­pected to have deep im­pact across the re­tail or­gan­i­sa­tions, with a high level of im­pact be­ing wit­nessed in Op­er­a­tions, Fi­nance, In­for­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy and data man­age­ment func­tions. Block­ahin will also yield ben­e­fits in im­proved process au­toma­tion and cost ef­fi­cien­cies.
Ac­cord­ing to a lat­est study by ‘Cog­nizant’ , the adop­tion of the Blockchain tech­nol­ogy could yield sav­ings any­thing be­tween 2.5% and over 5% and help bring about greater transper­ancy and cus­tomer man­age­ment.
Be­sides im­prov­ing in­ven­tory man­aga­ment, track­ing prove­nance and en­hanc­ing cus­tomer loy­alty/ re­wards pro­gramme are some of ther ben­e­fits that will ac­crue to the on­line re­tail in­dus­try with the adop­tion of the Blockchain and Smart Con­tract sys­tem, said Mr Kim.
The Demby mar­ketwill have three ma­jor com­po­nents:
1. Demby mar­ket, bring­ing the world’s re­tail­ing in­dus­try and the cryp­tocur­rency ecosytem to­gether us­ing the Blockchain tech­nol­ogy
2. Dem­by­Coin: The cryp­tocur­rency that will be used for the ex­change of goods and ser­vices on the Demby mar­ket. The coins can be ac­quired through the ICO or con­vert­ing ex­ist­ing cryp­tocur­ren­cies or bought with fiat cur­ren­cies.
3. Demby in-house ex­change, known as Demby Bank.

Demby is wholly backed by Demby As­so­ci­ates SA , a 20 year old bou­tique fi­nan­cial ser­vices Group op­er­at­ing as Dem­by­Bank duly li­censed by the fi­nan­cial au­thor­ity of British Vi­gin Is­lands.

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