Economy In Bad State But PM Modi’s Name Everywhere, Says Siddaramaiah

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“People of the country, including the media, have favoured Narendra Modi,” Siddaramaiah said.


Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah said on Thursday that he was unable to understand the “Modi mania” despite the bad state of the economy under the previous BJP regime led by him.

The former Karnataka Chief Minister alleged that the BJP won the Lok Sabha election raising emotive issues, rather than delivering on development.

People of the country, including the media, have favoured Narendra Modi’s five year government, despite low GDP growth, increase in unemployment and dwindling value of the Rupee, Siddaramaiah said.

“They have destroyed the country’s economy. Despite this, all you hear is Modi, Modi, Modi. I don’t know why,” he said.

Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, he said, “As the Prime Minister for five years, what did he do for economic development? Demonetization- what was its result? You (media) should ask BJP people.”

Siddaramaiah also raised questions on the Indian Air Force air strikes at Balakot in response to the Pulwama terror attack. “We still don’t know how many terrorists were killed. Neither the Defence Department nor the Prime Minister’s Office or External Affairs Ministry has come out on this. They have misled the people with emotional issues.”

Siddaramaiah also asserted that Rahul Gandhi would and should continue as the Congress president. “In today”s situation there is no one else who can take up the job, there is no alternate leadership,” he said.

The Congress Legislature party in Karnataka had recently passed a resolution, urging Rahul Gandhi to continue as president.

via NDTV

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