No monkey business: This police officer and his ape friend are both working very hard

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In a new online laugh-fest, a video of a police officer working with a monkey sitting on his head is doing the job just right for Twitterati.

Yesterday, around 7.50 p.m in the evening, the Twitter handle for Priyanka Agarwal tweeted the death-laughter inducing video. The video is recorded inside the Pilibhit police station as Priyanka has tagged the official twitter handle of Pilibhit police station.

Priyanka’s Twitter handle says that she works as the Senior Correspondent at the Times Of India, and the tweet only makes us imagine the comical setting of the scenario where a journalist enters the police station to find a monkey on a police officer’s head.

The tweet reads, “A monkey sat on the shoulder of inspector Shrikant Dwivedi at Pilibhit police station on Tuesday and searched for lice in his hair. However, unbothered by monkey, SHO continued to complete his official work”

Here are people’s reaction to the tweet:

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