Ranchi court directs Richa Bharti to distribute 5 Qurans for making communal remarks

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19-year-old Richa Bharti has been asked by a Ranchi court to distribute five copies of Quran as a punishment for posting a communal post on social media. Judicial Magistrate Manish Kumar directed Richa Bharti to donate a copy of the holy book to Anjuman Islamia Committee and rest four to the libraries of different schools and colleges.

Her arrest had drawn sharp criticism from the locals. Several Hindu organisations also staged protests, demanding her release. The agitation was doused after an intervention by rural SP Ashutosh Sekhar.

The court granted bail to Richa Bharti only after the two communities mutually agreed upon it and expressed their consent in the court.

Richa Bharti’s lawyer Ram Pravesh Singh has assured that the order of the court will be abided within 15 days, the deadline set by the court.

However, Hindu organisations and local BJP leader expressed their displeasure on the strange decision by the Ranchi court.

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