Ujjain: City’s youngest ‘Google-girl’

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Ujjain: City girl Shanjan Thhamma is mere 3 years old and blessed with many extraordinary qualities which outshine her from other children of her age group. CM Kamal Nath also greeted her for her extraordinary qualities.

Shanjan Thhamma’s grandfather Rameshchandra Sharma claimed that she has made world record of being the youngest ambidextrous writer. Telling more about this budding talent, Sharma said, “Her mother was married to a person hailing from South India and hence she was named according to their customs considering her horoscope in Telugu language. Her father is an army officer and posted at remote location so she and her mother Mansi live in Ujjain with us. She can write with both hands and her grasping power is amazing. Her father calls her ‘Google Girl’ as she answers very quickly of any question.”

Thhamma’s mother Mansi Shridhar said that just in the age of 1 year, Thhamma knew capitals of many countries. “She understands many words of English, Telugu, Russian and French languages. She has a special interest in space science and watched the landing of Chandrayan till late night. Her IQ level is comparatively high than the children of her age group. She is fond of religious books and sings the national anthem and the song Vandemataram without any flaw.”

Mansi Shridhar proudly narrated the wishes of CM Kamal Nath for Thhamma’s bright future, which made her very happy.

Collector Shashank Mishra also invited Mansi Shridhar at his office with Shanjan Thhamma and wished her a bright future. Mansi expressed her gratitude to both CM Kamal Nath and the collector Mishra.

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