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AI Predictions for 2019 | FactorDaily


Artificial Intelligence, specifically, machine learning and deep learning, have been fashionable keywords of 2018 and we don’t expect the hype to die down in the next few years. In the long run, AI will eventually become norm... More »


Now, AI gets ready to eat the world


FactorDaily Year in Review: 2018 Now, AI gets ready to eat the world Team FactorDaily | 18 December 2018 Breaking … The post Now, AI gets ready to eat the world appeared first on FactorDaily. via FD More »


Beijing Bites into AI | FactorDaily


No hotel in Beijing is run by a sentient robot named after Edgar Allan Poe. But almost every high-end hotel in this city has a corner where a robot receptionist made by Tami Intelligence Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd finds a p... More »

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How Cryptocurrencies will upset nation states


Less than 1% of the global population has used a cryptocurrency (pdf). But there are good reasons for the State to take it seriously. Major cryptocurrencies have a global footprint, most have a fixed or predetermined monetary supply, are currently pseudonymous... More »