16-Year-Old Girl Murdered, Face Burnt With Acid In Bihar’s Gaya; Family Alleges Rape

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Days after a 16-year-old girl was found beheaded and face burnt with acid, Bihar’s Gaya town is witnessing massive protests against the delay in police action and the arrest of the culprits. Her family alleges that she was raped and murdered.

According to locals, the teenager went missing from her home December 28. Her body was found on January  6 in a decomposed state. The family members say police did not take action on time.

But the police have ruled out rape and claim that it is a case of dishonor killing. According to Rajiv Mishra, a senior police officer in Gaya, the girl’s mother and sisters said she returned on December 31, three days after she left. 

The police said the father sent her with a man known to the family at around 10 the same night.

The man has been detained but not confessed to his role in the girl’s murder. But his call records indicate that he was in touch with the suspects. 

The police said they’re waiting for the autopsy report to see if the girl was raped.

via NDTV

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