Flood-affected students spared uniform rule

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Mumbai: Residents of Sangli and Kolhapur from the flood affected villages and towns have witnessed their homes and belongings being washed away. In many cases even their family members. Devastated by this massive tragedy, the flood affected families have been moved to relief camps where they are now restarting lives with relief pouring in. Keeping this situation in mind, the education minister, Ashish Shelar stated the state has taken the decision to allow students from flood affected to attend school in plainclothes.

Meanwhile, the Bal Bharati the text book production board has also announced their decision to distribute text books free of cost to the students from flood affected areas.

The government has eased the rule of students wearing uniforms, because most families from the flood affected areas of Sangli-Kolhapur have lost all their belongings. Moreover, the government has decided to distribute text books without any cost, to the flood victims. Shelar said, the government will also provide these students with uniforms and other important things required by the students. “Till the time the students are given the uniform and other basic things, the rule for wearing uniforms is being relaxed. We are awaiting the funds for distributing these items to the students,” said Shelar.

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