Meet the Bihar advocate who just loves to file cases against celebrities and politicians

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The recent controversy over a sedition case filed against 49 noted personalities for writing an open letter to PM Narendra Modi, to bring to his attention the growing numbers of mob lynching cases in the country, just overturned its route.

The Muzaffarabad advocate, who filed the sedition case in a Bihar court, is now being charged for filing a false case. Manoj Kumar Sinha, the Muzaffarpur Senior Superintendent of Police, informed that the Bihar police will take legal action against the advocate, Sudhir Kumar Ojha. He has also ordered the sedition case against the celebrities to be closed.

The Senior Superintendent said that the sedition case’s investigation revealed that the allegations levelled against the accused were out of “mischief” and “lacked substance”.

The ADG Headquarter, Jitendra Kumar added that the complainant has was neither unable to produce supporting documents or evidence nor even the alleged letter written by the 49 persons, which may support his claim of the committed offence.

Meet the infamous Bihar advocate, Sudhir Kumar Ojha.

Sudhir Kumar Ojha, the 50-year-old advocate from Bihar, started his law practice in the year 1996. From 1996, the advocate has filed 745 PILs but is mostly known for filing cases against celebrities.

Ojha filed a petition against the makers of the movie, Dhoom 2 for or a kissing scene and one against Amitabh Bachchan in 2013 for promoting Maggi. In his defence, Amitabh shouldn’t promote Maggi because it is hazardous for human health.

Ojha’s list of well-known but faulty personalities doesn’t restrict to celebrities. Former prime minister Manmohan Singh, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, MNS chief Raj Thackeray also have had PILs filed against them by Ojha.

However, the very recent PIL filed by Ojha has received huge criticism from Indians belonging to various walks of life.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, roped in the Modi government as well, he said, “The country is moving towards an authoritarian state and people who speak against the government or the Prime Minister are being put in jail, the media is being crushed. Presently an ideological fight is going on in the country and it’s about if the country be ruled by one person and one ideology and all the others should shut their mouth,”

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor condemned it by calling it, “a shocking and chilling development”.

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