PM Modi Lists Benefits Of Vakrasana In New Animated Video Ahead Of International Yoga Day 2019

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New Delhi: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning tweeted another video of his animated version performing a yoga asana ahead of the International Yoga Day that falls on June 21.

PM Modi has been tweeting an asana video everyday since June 5 in countdown to the Yoga Day 2019. In the eighth asana video that was tweeted today, PM Modi can be seen performing “Vakrasana” or the “Twisted Pose”.

“Have you ever practiced Vakrasana? Its advantages are numerous and long lasting,” PM Modi wrote on Twitter.

Have you ever practiced Vakrasana? Its advantages are numerous and long lasting.

Watch this video.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) June 12, 2019

The step-by-step video explains how to perform the asana and its benefits.Vakrasana helps spinal cord in gaining flexibility. It also helps the people who suffer from constipation and is said to be beneficial for liver too. However, people suffering from slip disc have been advised in the video to refrain from doing the asana.

June 21 was designated World Yoga Day on PM Modi’s suggestion in his speech at the UN General Assembly in 2014, months after he was first elected to office. Since then, the government marks the day in a big way with thousands participating in mass Yoga events across the country.

The Yoga videos depicting PM Modi’s animated version guiding viewers on various asanas debuted online last year. PM started posting videos this year last week in the Yoga day build-up.

On June 5, in the first video that PM Modi posted, he was seen doing Trilokasana or the Triangle Pose. Since then, he has posted videos of his animated versions performing various other Yoga poses – Tadasana or the Palm Tree Posture, Vrikshasana or the Tree posture, Ardha Chakrasana or the Half wheel posture, Padahastasana or the Hands to Feet posture, Ustrasana or the Camel pose, and Bhadrasana or the Auspicious pose.

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