Power of Ram help maintained peace in the country after Ayodhya verdict, says Modi

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Addressing an election meeting at the second leg of poll campaign at steel city of Jamshedpur, the home constituency of the chief minister, Raghubar Das , Prime Minister,Narendra Modi claimed it was the power of Ram which helped maintain peace in the country after Supreme Court judgment on Ayodhya Janmabhoomi.

Prime MInister alleged the Congress governments in the past played politics of deception and kept the Ayodhya issue pending deliberately for their political ends. “It is only Modi who can take bold and decisive decisions on vexed issues. The Ayodhya issue has been settled peacefully,” he said and claimed, “It is because of the power of Ramji which settled the issue once and for all and there was peace”.

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Modi said the BJP government solved the vexed issues in Kashmir by scrapping article 370 and Triple talaq .”

Prime Minister distanced himself totally from the rebel BJP leader, Saryu Rai, who is contesting against the chief minister, Modi said, “There should be no confusion. Modi is with Lotus symbol only. Saryu Rai supporters had been claiming Rai has blessings of Modi.

Prime Minister associated himself with the founder of Jamshedpur steel plant and said Jamshedji Tata was from Navsari in Gujarat and he was also a Gujarati.

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He called the Congress-JMM alliance as alliance of top corrupt leaders and said in the past Jharkhand had seen ten chief ministers in 14 years, but he (Modi) was chief minister of Gujarat continuously for 13 years.

“Chief ministers were changed in Jharkhand at a pace which even weather changes could not compete”,he commented. The political instability was created deliberately to facilitate loot of the rich natural resources of Jharkhand and the two parties even ‘sold’ chief minister’s chair for sharing loot”.

The Prime Minister said Jamshedpur and its neighbouring areas would be developed into a textile hub by promoting Tussar silk industrial units in which 1.75 lakh people are engaged. Tough measures by the state government in last five years has led to creation of an atmosphere of peace and investment in the state.

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Earlier, while addressing another election meeting at Khunti, 35 kms from Ranchi, Modi alleged Congress and JMM were against promotion of industries and tourism in Jharkhand.

Modi contradicted the claim of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that Congress government in neighboring states waived loans of farmers. He said the Congress made promises during elections, but failed to implement them. Congress and JMM were interested in loot of rich natural resources of Jharkhand, Modi alleged.

He is scheduled to address another election meeting at Jamshedpur, from where Chief Minister, Raghubar Das is contesting election to be held on December 7.

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